Staffed by a team of professional carers, Little Munchkins Childcare Centre, in Hillside, VIC, provides unfailing child care and assistance. We also prepare fun activities for the kids.

Let your child experience the joys of childhood in a fully secure environment while you are busy working. Our kindergarten service includes well-established programs for kiddies of different age brackets.

Your Child's Development And Independence Ensured

Ensuring the development of each and every child enroled in our day care centre is one of our main goals. We provide a wide range of educational toys to help our munchkins in their development process. At times, they are encouraged to do individual activities which stimulate and enhance their creativity and independence. Your kiddie will also develop numerous skills through our variety of fine and gross motor activities.

Whether you bring your child to our centre on a daily basis or only occasionally, you can be sure that he/she will quickly become an independent child.

A Two-Way Communication Between You And Us

When you put your child in our day care centre, we take the full responsibility of giving him/her all the care and attention that he/she requires.

To ensure the full development of your kid, we'll encourage you to participate in his/her learning progress. Our assistants and educators are always available on the phone. You can call us at any time to ask how your child is doing.

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Your Child Will Develop

  • Social interaction skills
  • Motor skills
  • Personal independence

We'll professionally assist your child in his/her development.