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A Family Setting To Ensure Comfort And Cosiness

Quality Preschool Education | Hillside, VIC

Little Munchkins Childcare Centre specialises in preschool education programs designed to help children expand their intellectual, social and communication-related skills!

We are based in Hillside, Victoria!

A Stimulating Kindergarten for Your Child’s Development

At Little Munchkins Childcare Centre, we firmly believe that every child is unique. To meet your child's needs, interests and development rhythm, we provide an environment that is both enriching and stimulating. This is achieved by engaging children in various forms of learning through play-based education, which is essential to their health and wellbeing during early childhood.

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We nurture curious minds and kind hearts

Preschool Hillside
Preschool Taylor’s Hill

Meet Our Preschool Educators

With years of experience, our educators at Little Munchkins Childcare Centre enable children to reach their full potential by helping them acquire skills that will be useful when they reach primary school.

As childcare professionals, we are committed to making sure your child develops a natural desire to learn! We also encourage healthy lifestyles, food habits and behaviours that will favourably influence their wellbeing by providing a functional premises and play materials that are safe and hygienic!

We make playing a tool for exploration and learning

Our services include:

  • Day care
  • Childcare
  • Occasional childcare
  • Preschool

We have an open door policy for parent visitation!

~ We are a family owned and operated childcare centre ~